OpenCV Projects


  • Book and programs codes (C/C++) will be given to students
  • Each team has to do experiments and code extension.
    • Experiments the program code with
      • Your images and data. The images and data should "fit" the purpose of the choosen topic.
      • Different parameters.
    • Extends the code with
      • More program codes: At lease EXTRA USEFUL 50 lines.
      • More OpenCV functions not used in the program codes: At least two functions or two algorithms.


  1. Cartoonifier and Skin Changer for Android (Chapter 1)
  2. Marker-based Augmented Reality on iPhone or iPad (Chapter 2)
  3. Number Plate Recognition Using SVM and Neural Networks (Chapter 3)
  4. Non-rigid Face Tracking (Chapter 4)
  5. 3D Head Pose Estimation Using AAM and POSIT (Chapter 5)
  6. Face Recognition using Eigenfaces or Fisherfaces (Chapter 6)

Reference Book

Mastering OpenCV 3, 2nd, by D.L. Baggio, S. Emami, D.M. Escrivá, K. Ievgen, J. Saragih, R. Shilkrot. Packt Pub., 2017.