Ex1: Create a web site for your course homeworks

  • All of the home works in this course should be submitted to a Google web site created by you.

  • Acquire a personal Google account

    • You have to use your Google account.

  • Create your course web site

    • Open google sites "http://sites.google.com/new" by a browser (Chrome, Edge, Safari, ...).

    • Use your Google account to log in, and create a web site called: "XXX website for Computer Vision course".

  • Fill in your web site

    • Edit home page

      • Add your personal identity information: Chinese name, school number, department, and so on.

      • Add a cover image: Upload your personal pictures to be the cover image of the home page.

    • Create 5 web pages

      • Home, Exercise, Reading, Programming, Project.

  • Submit your web address to Microsoft Teams.

  • Samples: Stephanie Wang for CV 106-2 course, Tony, Daniel.

Ex2: Install OpenCV

  • Report: Create a web page with at most 1000 words (Chinese or English) and a lot of pictures to describe

    • What is OpenCV

    • What is new in OpenCV 4.x

    • How do you install OpenCV (with screen captures)

    • HOW to compile an OpenCV example (with screen captures)

    • The execution results of the OpenCV example (with screen captures)

  • Submit the web address of your web page to Microsoft Teams.