Programming Homework

P8: Image Stitching

Goal: Learn to stitch images and obtain panorama

    • Practice a stitching software and learn to obtain good results by adjusting the software's settings and parameters.

    • Practice a tutorial C++ code and learn to stitch your images by hand-written program codes.

Program, sample codes and readings


Web Report

    • Create a web page with descriptions, explanation and pictures for your homework.

    • Requirements of the report page:

      • For the AutoStitch program, you have to write 4 parts: (1) goal of this program, (2) method and theory of the program, (3) stitching results.

      • For the OpenCV Image Stitching tutorial code, you have to write 5 parts: (1) goal of this code, (2) theory and principle of the code, (3) cv::stitcher class explanation, (4) code segment, and (5) stitching results.

      • Compare and discuss the result images of both methods for the same test images.

    • Submit your web address by Google Classroom.