Programming Homework

P4: Harris Corner Detection

Goal: Learn to implement Harris corner detector

    • Practice Harris corner detector by OpenCV

    • Understand the effect of parameters of Harris detector

Readings and sample codes

    • OpenCV tutorial on harris corner detector : 3.x, 4.x

      • You have to run this tutorial code with cornerHarris function and get different results by changing values of the three parameters: k, ksize, blockSize.

    • (optional) Harris corner detector by Matlab

Web Report

    • Create a web page with descriptions, explanation and pictures for your programs.

    • Requirements of the report page:

      • For each program code, you have to write 4 parts: (1) goal of this code, (2) theory and principle of the code, (3) code segment explanation, and (4) result comparison or analysis.

      • Use your image to run your programs. Please choose a good image for this homework.

      • Change parameters of algorithm's functions to get different result images.

      • Compare and discuss the result images, and explain why the change of parameters can produce different results.

      • Submit your web address by Google Classroom.


    • For OpenCV tutorial code : 3.x, 4.x

      • (10%) You can get extra bonus scores if you can modify the code to run more corner related functions, such as cornerEigenValsAndVecs(), cornerMinEigenVal(), and cornerSubPix().

    • For the Matlab code

      • (10%) If you can run the code and compare its results with OpenCV's results.

      • (10%) If you can explain the code in details.

      • (10%) If you can write an OpenCV version of Harris detector according to the Matlab code.